20+ years of connecting top hoteliers and procurement specialists with leading vendors.​

For over two decades, Hotel Management has curated connections for the global hospitality industry through esteemed events like our Hotec portfolio. Our format gives you the unique opportunity to spend quality one-on-one time with buyers and suppliers to foster real partnerships. Business-focused, 20-minute, one-to-one appointments by day and casual networking functions by night result in lasting relationships. ​

One-to-One Meetings
One-to-One Meetings
Spend 20, uninterrupted minutes discussing projects, challenges, goals and solutions.
Curated networking functions provide a well-rounded opportunity to foster real partnerships.
Industry Exposure
Industry Exposure
Not only will Hotel Management Tete-a-Tech be co-located with HTNG Connect: Europe, attendees will also have the unique opportunity to mingle with the UK's top investors & owners at the Annual Hotel Conference.
All Hotel Management Tete-a-Tech attendees will receive complimentary access to HTNG Connect: Europe.

Buyer Benefits

The most productive three days you can spend OOO.


Vendor Benefits

One-to-one meetings and networking functions with pre-qualified, high-volume buyers.



Three days of 1:1 meetings, education & networking provide a valuable experience.

What the industry is saying about our one-to-one meetings events...

Three Powerful Events to Drive Your Business Forward.

Hotel Management’s Tête-à-Tech event will be co-located with HTNG Connect: Europe and the Annual Hospitality Conference.


Invaluable ROI via curated 1:1 meetings of uninterrupted time with hospitality’s leading technology buyers.


Fast track your hotel technology with insights and winning solutions from 30+ global innovators.

Maximum Impact.

Maximise your networking with access to UK's leading event for hospitality investment.

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Learn more about the Quest Zero initiative and specific actions already being taken to reduce emissions at events like this one.

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